Global Ageing Network Complimentary Membership

OLTCA is delighted to announce that OLTCA Members and Partners are now members of the Global Ageing Network (GAN) as part of the Association’s partnership with GAN. 

GAN is an invaluable community of international seniors’ care organizations that contribute and benefit from a wealth of knowledge, expertise and research related to issues affecting seniors across the globe. Membership in GAN provided OLTCA with valuable information throughout the pandemic on ways that organizations and jurisdictions were preventing and containing the virus in long-term care, and we continue to learn from and share with GAN members as the sector works to recover and rebuild.

We are pleased to bring OLTCA Members and Partners into this informative and inspiring community of international seniors’ care leaders. OLTCA CEO, Donna Duncan, is currently serving as a member of the GAN Board of Directors. 

Overview of GAN Member Benefits

Shared Knowledge
  • Access new knowledge and innovations through GAN’s international conferences and educational forums.
  • Receive discounted pricing to attend Global Ageing Network events and events sponsored by GAN affiliates.
  • Learn the latest in global ageing news and trends through GAN’s monthly newsletter, Global Connections.
  • Ability to participate in virtual webinars and roundtables to connect with aged care professionals and service providers.
Professional Development
  • Develop your leadership skills and professional network through study tours and GAN’s leadership circle.
  • Receive international recognition through the Global Ageing Awards for Excellence Program in Applied Research.
Global Engagement
  • Support advocacy efforts in United Nations for a Human Rights Convention for the Elderly.
  • Contribute towards design and development of solutions to global ageing challenges.
  • Help to shape our future together with people you connect with through the Global Ageing Network.

More about GAN:

The mission of The Global Ageing Network is to connect and support care and service providers worldwide to enhance the quality of life for ageing. The Global Ageing Network was founded as the International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (IAHSA) in 1994 by an international group of leaders who realized that the global ageing phenomenon would have a profound impact on our earth’s elders. Their vision was to create a platform for policymakers, researchers, businesses and ageing services providers to collectively share their knowledge and best practices to enhance the quality of care for the elderly. Over the years, The Global Ageing Network has created an international forum for the exchange of research, services, products and training that make up the Global Ageing Network.

Over the past year, the Global Ageing Network has grown to become a critical link among providers around the world. The Global Ageing Network’s diversity is not only reflected in the fact that members are from over 60 countries, but also from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences on ageing issues members represent. The opportunity to come together to share challenges and successes, explore partnerships and staff exchanges, make connections across continents and countries, learn new approaches and meet with colleagues has been a hallmark of the Global Ageing Network's initiatives.




Upcoming Activities:

The 2023 Global Ageing Conference took place September 8-9 in Glasgow, Scotland. To view highlights from the conference, click here. The next GAN bi-annual conference will take place in September 2025 in Boston, USA.  

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