KnowledgeBREAK Webinar Program

The OLTCA's Season 4 of its highly successful KnowledgeBREAK webinar program is back!  The KnowledgeBREAK webinar program has delivered thought-provoking content that is both educational and important to our audience, members, and partners. KnowledgeBREAK webinars will in turn provide the long-term care sector with improved sustainability, drive business growth, and foster innovation for long-term care homes, supplier businesses and beyond. 

KnowledgeBREAK webinars take place on Wednesdays at noon, covering a range of pertinent topics of interest to the long-term care sector.  


Since the program’s inception, OLTCA has hosted over 50 KnowledgeBREAK webinars for the Ontario long-term care sector, averaging 250+ registrants per webinar 


Are you interested in presenting and sponsoring a KnowledgeBREAK webinar featuring your company’s guest speakers that offer virtual peer support on long-term care best practices and operational solutions? 

This is what OLTCA's KnoweldgeBREAK
webinar program can offer you:


  • Sponsor logo and acknowledgement for promoted emails to over 3,000+ members and stakeholders to promote your sponsored webinar. 
  • Promotion of sponsorship on OLTCA social media platforms with over 20,000+ followers.
  • Verbal acknowledgement of sponsor during webinar and sponsor logo on webinar slide deck for maximized exposure. 
  • Access to promote to number of registrants attending the webinar.
  • Opportunity to collect relevant registration and poll information during the webinar. 
  • Copy of registration/attendee list post-webinar. 
  • Copy of recording for the webinar to upload on sponsors' website and promote across social media platforms.
   January - March   Wednesday, January 17   SOLD
  Wednesday, January 24   SOLD
  Wednesday, January 31   SOLD
  Wednesday, February 7   SOLD
  Wednesday, February 14   SOLD
  Break for Family Day
  Wednesday, February 28   SOLD
  Wednesday, March 6
   May - June   Break in April for TWC
  Wednesday, May 8   SOLD
  Wednesday, May 15   SOLD
  Break for May 24
  Wednesday, May 29   SOLD
  Wednesday, June 5   SOLD
  Wednesday, June 12   SOLD
  Wednesday, June 19   SOLD
   July - September   Wednesday, July 17   SOLD
  Break for Civic Holiday
  Wednesday, August 14   SOLD
  Break for Labour Day
  Wednesday, September 18   SOLD
  Wednesday, September 25   SOLD
   October - December   Wednesday, October 2   SOLD
  Break for TiLTC Conference
  Wednesday, November 13   SOLD
  Wednesday, November 20   SOLD
  Wednesday, November 27   Available
  Wednesday, December 4   Available

Interested in learning more?

For further information or to book your KnowledgeBREAK webinar, please contact 

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To check out previous KnoweldgeBREAK webinars from Seasons 1, 2, and 3, please log into OLTCA's Member and Partner Portal, here