OLTCA Group Retirement Program

A massive benefit as an OLTCA member is accessing the OLTCA group retirement program. It’s a low-cost leading retirement savings plan that is flexible and requires low admin.

About the group retirement plan

The OLTCA group retirement plan has an outstanding track record. As of March 2021, it has over 80 participating homes, 3,400 members and $105 million of retirement assets. The OLTCA board of trustees handles governance, compliance, investment monitoring and annual filings on behalf of participating homes.

The value of the plan

Each home can customize the plan for its budget and needs. Importantly, the home can decide how much to contribute to the program. You can also choose from different account types, e.g., a Defined Contribution Pension Plan or RRSP, and even add on a TFSA. The group retirement program is a “multi-employer” program that offers tremendous value compared to a stand-alone plan. The program gives members world-class investment options with some of the lowest fees in the industry and high-quality service.

Support for homes
The Leslie Group, our pension consultants since 2000, works closely with each home to help manage the program. Each home’s admin teams and members can contact The Leslie Group anytime for one-on-one support. The plan’s record keeper, Manulife, also supports the home’s admin teams and provides support to members through its customer care centre and individual financial advice.
If you are interested in learning more about the plan for your home, contact Jay Hopkins, VP Group Retirement at The Leslie Group, at jay@lesliegroup.com.
Please also see the below KnowledgeBREAK recorded presentation for more information:

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To learn more or to enroll in the plan, please connect with Jay Hopkins of The Leslie Group:

Jay Hopkins
Director of Group Retirement, The Leslie Group