OLTCA Pension Plan

As a member benefit to OLTCA members, you have the option to participate in the Ontario Long Term Care Association Pension Plan, offering you and your staff maximum choice and flexibility with minimal administration requirements and expenses. An employer retirement plan is one of the best ways to help your staff save for retirement. As a long-term care home member of the Ontario Long Term Care Association, you can opt to have a “multi-employer” pension and savings plan for your staff. This type of arrangement saves significant costs compared to a standalone plan while delivering high-quality service and investment products.

You can customize the plan for your budget and needs. To stay within budget, you can decide how much you as an employer would like to contribute and how much employees can contribute to the plan. To help your employees save, you can choose between a DCPP (Defined Contribution Pension Plan) or an RRSP account type. There is even a Tax-Free Savings Account option.

More about the OLTCA Pension Plan:

As of March 2021, the OLTCA pension plan has over 80 participating homes and 3,400 members. The total assets under management are $105 million.  

OLTCA's Pension plan is managed by The Leslie Group, which has been the agent of record for the OLTCA plan since April 2000. They assist individual homes in managing the plan for their staff and support the OLTCA pension committee in governance, compliance, investment monitoring, and annual filings. Managers, payroll staff, and plan administrators can contact The Leslie Group at any time with questions.  For additional support, the plan record keeper, Manulife, provides access to salaried (non-commissioned) financial advisors and online financial planning tools to help OLTCA members make informed decisions.



To learn more, or to enroll in the plan, please connect with Jay Hopkins of The Leslie Group:

Jay Hopkins
Director of Group Retirement, The Leslie Group